Monday, August 25, 2008

Young Rude 1.

What it is Ya'll Its Ya favorite Bull Eno here again. Today I just wanted to show some love for my Baby Boy, my only son thus far, my lil brother Rudy.

This dude here is by far the coolest 16 yr old HANDS DOWN! Lil man was born on January 29th 1992. I remember my mom asking me "Que nombre le debemos poner a tu hermanito?" (Translation: Whats should we name your little brother) I had no idea. lol Honestly speakin, No disrespect to him My parents and I thought and in a slight way wanted him to be a her. But God gave my parents a Boy and we loved and still Love him the same. Anyway, I guess it wasnt till after he was delivered that my parents figured "He doesnt have a name might as well name him after his Daddy" so Rudy it was and Rudy he is.

The reason Im posting this Blog is cause I feel he and I aren't as close as we should be although we are becoming closer each day. Us not being that close is mainly my fault cause i'd rather not have my lil brother taggin along everywhere I go But he knows (and if he doesn't, he knows now) that I love him MORE than a fat kid loves cake lol. I cant even front man. I'd give anything to go back to being 16 and being even 1/2 as cool as he is. Lil man is a Jock (FootBall Player), Ladies Man, and all-round "Damn thats a cool kid" Kid. Ofcourse like all brothers we have our fights, arguments and disputes but he knows and I've proved once or twice that I will take a niggas Head off for touching one hair on his head. He's at football camp as we speak and doesn't even know I have this blog but sooner than later he's gonna read it and I just hope he Knows: Rudy, despite our arguments, fights, and sometimes hateful behavior towards each other I love you man, more than words will ever begin to explain. I'm sure I didnt have to say it but if anything thats probably why im sayin it. Stay up Ya'll and when ya see This lil nigga in the street dont be shy say: "Hey aint you Eno's brother?" lol. Peace.

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