Sunday, August 24, 2008

My First Post...

So this is my first post. There's so much I want to say that I have absolutely no idea where I want to start.
lol. I guess my younger years are a good a place as any to begin. I was Born In Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx at 2:50pm, on Friday, Aug. 14th 1987 (80's baby for real!) My parents are both Natives of Honduras. I was raised just like any other child (I thank my mom often for raising me the way she has.)
At an early age I fell in Love and got married
to a girl I thought would never hurt me. I was introduced to her by my parents and we've been inseparable ever since. Her name is Music. She was my first love outside of my family and till this day I love her despite her odd choices of words at times. I have her name tattooed around my wrist and that's proof enough that her and I will be together forever.

My favorite genre is Hip-Hop. I remember the day it became my favorite genre. I love all types of music and I had liked Hip-Hop before this day with artist like Criss-Kross (I was a kid lol, bare with me) and others. But in 1997 walking around Roberto Clemente park I walked by the gazebo that's near the front of the park and a group of girls were practicing their dance routine. The song they were dancing to was 'Mo Money, Mo Problems' By (then) Puff Daddy, Ma$e and The late great Notorious B.I.G. The song instantly became my favorite song of all time.

^^This is the actual Gazebo where it happend, it still stands today and I was fortunate enough to be able to snap a picture of it a few days ago.

I'm older now and I've fallen into the addiction of buying sneakers. My sneaker infatuation started when I was about 5 yrs. old. I remember when my cousin and I both had a pair of Fila's (now that I think of them they resembled the Air Jordan VII's in style) and you couldnt tell me I wasnt the coolest kid this side of the Mississippi lol. In 93' I remember being taken to the sneaker store and leaving with the New Air Jordan VIII's till this day they are my Grails because I had them back then. I had 94' Retro I's and a few others. Reebok Pumps, Fila, Nike (of course my favorite) , and few others. Fast foward to about 5th Grade, the Black and white XIII's released and my mom couldnt buy them for me, It broke my heart because I loved that sneaker. Fast foward to now and I can proudly say I own Both an OG and Retro pair of VIII's and the XIII's among others.

^^ My VIII's OG's & Retros


Well I guess that's more than enough for my first Post, I hope you enjoy and I hope you'll be back soon. I'll try to keep my blog updated as often as possible if not everyday.


Anonymous said...

AYOOOO KIDDDDD!!! Glad u finally got ur shit up n runnin. U a big nigga w/ big dreams n jus want u 2 kno ur team n i support all of em. U kno imma b one of the models 4 Frezigu, wheneva u need sum1 2 photograph? i got u... n now thx 2 u i got suttin 2 read when i come home everynight... congrats on the new blog. u got a subscribed fan 4 life... Tru Talk

( gotta get all the free publicity we can use... haha)

Kitty said...

aaaww, me like it! so r u married to the music forever? ;)