Friday, April 21, 2017

(Whackness) Life Gets Hard...

...But I aint complaining!

What's the word!?
If you know me then you know my motto is: "Life is Good." And really there's no reason for me to believe any different at the moment. However, I probably wouldn't be writing any of this if everything was peachy, right?

So what's new? Well a lot! I have to update the blog dedicated to my daughter cause a lot has happened in that regard as well. As for me? Well my problems aren't the greatest, but they are mine and so they feel like they are lol.
For starters, March was a super duper whack month. I rather not go into detail as to why, but things changed a bit. And it seems that it's not so much the whackness that has affected me but more so the bounce back. My job title at work change a bit and it came with way better hours! I'm no longer working a 4pm-12am shift and having to wait 3-4 hours for parking when I get home. Rather, I'm working a 9-5 like everyone else, but all good things come with some bad. For the security of my job, I won't put things about people on the internet, just know that all co workers aren't workers! Lol.

There's also the fact that I lost my best friend. Not like they died, but apparent;y we can't be friends anymore. Again, don't want to go into details but.... Whackness!
And to top it all off, it seems like I'm well on my way to being the one thing I prayed the hardest not to become, a weekend dad! Seems like my daughter will soon be a resident of Pennsylvania. A state that I am sure is God's punishment to the United States. And honestly, I'd move with her but I can't see myself commuting 5-6 hours out of my day. I'm sure ther'll be quite enough of that on the weekends.

But the sun always shines through the rain, it hasn't been all bad. One of my best friends from High School got married in Miami late last month. It was so beautiful to watch him exchange vows with the woman he loves and I was beyond honored to have been witness to such beauty and greatness.

And for the first time in a long time, my photography seems to be moving at a steady pace. I'cw had a photo shoot every weekend in the month of April and with a little luck and a lot of planning, I'm hoping to finish off the month the same way.

I don't even know If I've mentioned on the blog that I got a new car in July. It's cost me a pretty penny thus far and she's the reason I am currently devastatingly broke, but I love her and I hope I get to keep her for a very long time to come. She's a silver 1999 BMW 540i and I named her Sade. (All my cars will go on to be named after beautiful influential black women!) Pam Grier the Bimmer is gone, but hopefully one day in the future I can be reunited with her and treat her like I wanted to the first time around.

Other than all that, what can I say? Like the sun shining through the rain in April, "Life is Good" remains through the whackness.

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned.

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