Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Eno Bull Photography Website!

Bull Penners!! 
The ones that are still around at least lol. 

Seems like I only use this blog when I have an announcement to make these days. I hope you all understand the absence. I've simply been living life with very little desire to document much other than the posts on my InstaGram and Facebook pages. 

But as I said: announcements. One of the things on my 5 year Plan has come to fruition. Finally after years of photography, I've finally put together a website to showcase my work. 
It took some time because I'm not very tech savvy and I wanted it done right. I'm well aware of all the sites you can visit that are easy to use so that you can create your own website. But I didn't want any of that. I wanted a person who is well versed in the field of web design to take my ideas and bring them into reality. 
So I sourced my boy Havi! The dude is nasty with anything computer related. 

Prior to coming to him all I had was a photography blog (Tumblr) and while I purchased a domain name and the whole 9, well let's be honest a blog is not necessarily a website, at least not the way I wanted it. 

So I linked with my boy, gave him a few references to use as a blueprint for what I wanted and within a few weeks it was done. He's just like me in the sense that all he needs is a basic idea to run with and then he spread the wings of his creativity. 

When I sat down with him to see the final product it was more beautiful than I envisioned. 
I am a huge fan of simplicity. And simplicity is what I got with the layout of my site. 
A few tabs to showcase my work, my bio and of course a contact page. 

My Portfolio which showcases my somewhat different styles of shooting: Lifestyle, Editorial, Portraits, and Fashion.  
All with my favorites of the style highlighted in the folders. 

About which is simply a short bio of myself with a little bit of history, the self explanatory Contact page. We even incorporated my aforementioned Blog which I love because it allows me to post images without having to follow any rules. Rules that I set myself of course but still rules. 

So on the blog section I like to break down the details of the shoot. Who I worked with, what it felt like that day while shooting, etc. etc. and I put up about 6-8 edits from that shoot. Whereas on the site in the portfolios I only post one image from the shoot so as to keep it clean. 

I created a new logo to accompany the site and it sits quietly on the top right hand corner. Sort of like cuff links it's the perfect accent without being too loud and overbearing. 

All in all, I am beyond excited with the results. Havi did a phenomenal job and I feel as if this is one step closer to achieving my goals of being a full time photographer. 

So if and when you get a chance, be sure to swing by. Let me know what you think and book your next shoot with me via the contacts page!! Lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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