Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trust Issues

Whats goin on Bull Penners?

You know, theres a lot of trends that come and go in todays day n age. And since theres millions of followers and just a handful of leaders, I unfortunatlely have no choice but to live in a sea of unorigonality.

Where does it come from? From rappers usually. Remember Yolo? That came into play, and I swear I think I even saw it as a license plate once. Then came whats trending now, #TurnUp, "I aint got no worries/Ain't worried bout nuttin!" whatever. I have to admit, in a joking manner and when talkin to my lady I've used "Turn Up" but never in serious use.
HOWEVER, there is one trend that neeeeds to Stop! And I mean immediately!

 So I walk into IHOP this morning and there is a lady in there celebrating her child's Stepping up ceremony/graduation or whatever. Plastered in permanent ink across her chest reads "Trust no One." Okay so lemme get my Gatling gun ready.
First and foremost: When getting a tattoo you have to trust someone to permanently stain your skin with ink! If you are one of these people who claims to "Trust no one" then I expect you not to have any tattoos. Stupids!
Secondly: I don't care who you are. You might be a man or a woman who's been betrayed every day of your life by those close to you or whoever else. At some point you HAVE got to trust someone. In one way or another. You have to trust people.
I can't stand seeing niggas on Instagram postin pics with "the bros" or "my niggas" whatever else, poppin bottles in the club, or "gettin money" but then claim to trust no one!?

Really? Okay, so as a human being, you don't trust the people around you? You don't trust your mom, you father? Brother, sister, best friend, cousin, baby mother/daddy or Tattoo artist? That lady who was celebrating her child's graduation, she's not gonna trust the child to take care of her when she gets old? "I don't trust nobody!" That's a whole lot of people to write off in one 4 word sentence.
I feel it's just the trendy thing to say. Shit is retarded tho. Think about who you are, and think of who you'd offend simply by saying you don't trust anyone.
Take me for example: If I, Eno Bull said "I don't trust nobody" here's the list of people who might take offense to it:

My Mom
My brother Rudy
My lady
Buddy (my right hand)
All my other cousins (male and female/about 20-35 of em)
My Uncle Elvis
My Grandparents

etc. etc. etc.

Now, I'm not standing here telling you that you need to trust every member of your family, cause I know how it goes. Sometimes the ones closest to you put the knife in your back faster than a stranger will. However if you have "Trust Issues" then you and the Weeknd need to work on the remix and tough it out. Basically what your doing is 2 things: 1. Holding a grudge and 2. Making others responsible for the actions of people who came before them!
Please don't misunderstand me, I know what people mean when they say they don't trust anyone and I'd be lying to you if I said I trust everyone, but I do trust people. You have to trust people. I have to trust that my brother is gonna have my back when we out and about doin whatever if problems come up. I have to trust that what my mom is telling me is for my own good. I have to trust that when I give Buddy my money to hold he aint gonna touch it, at least not without asking me if it's okay first. I say all of this cause I think to myself: "If one of my boys came straight out and said: "I don't trust nobody" I would seriously be offended. Granted, we don't live in a world where everything is hunky dory but shit.

^This guy had to trust someone^
(That he possibly didn't know)
to tattoo this on his chest.

I know trust is fragile. I know it's like glass. You can glue it all back, but once it's broken, it's always broken, but I'd rather a person say "I don't trust everyone" rather than "I don't trust anyone" and that's how it's supposed to be.

So please people, stop trusting tattoo artists to ink those words into your skin and claiming not to trust anyone. Let's kill that whole movement, because it's illogical and quite frankly a bit disrespectful.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

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