Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's do a Line

What's goin on ya'll?

This is not a drug related post, so relax! Lol.
Last night at work (what seems to be the inevitable topic of discussion these days,) sneakers came up in conversation. A few of us in the office are kick addicts. Anyway, I spoke with a co-worker and explained to him that if I picked up the new pair of Jordans, I'd sell them to him for $500.00, he said he'd be able to do $450.00 so we shook on it and he went about his merry way. Shortly after walkin through the door he was being ridiculed by the rest of the people in the room. "He's stupid" "What!? I would never pay more that $150 for a pair of sneakers" yaddah yaddah yaddah. Not only did I not appreciate it because they waited for him to leave to talk their shit, but they were gettin at him for spending too much on sneakers which HE wants!

They started talkin about "Kids making lines...." and all that other shit.
Stop it right there.
Needless to say I was getting upset, not only because they were talkin about him, but they were talkin about me and everyone like me. An entire sub culture of people who sincerely love sneakers and will do what they have to, to acquire a pair that they want. Further more, I just LOVE how all these men and women can poke their noses up talkin that mess about people lining up for sneakers when JUST a month ago they were on line on a cold night waiting to be let into a store so that they can buy TV's on discount. So you sit at a table for dinner with your family giving thanks to God and expressing your gratitude for all that you have, only to leave to go buy material things. Of course, the women in the audience said "That's different." No the fuck it's not. It's the same exact thing. A line is a line. Be it for sneakers, TV's, concert tickets, I don't give a flyin shit what it's for. If you're argument is "They stupid for lining up" then you stupid for the same thing.
Do I agree with the lining up for kicks and being out there campin out for weeks? Hell no, but I defend their right to do so. Who's to say anything about em? When it's all said and done, we're ALL materialistic. Don't judge others for being materialistic with different materials than you.

Let em do they thing, especially if they aint gettin the money out of your pockets.
Every time I come across this discussion I try to end it the same way, with my very own quote: "Everyone has their vice... Some people like clothes, expensive jeans, and clothes with big name brand logos. Gucci this, Prada that. Some people like bags and purses. Some (who can afford it) buy multiple cars and some spend money on antiques and art and other expensive things that they don't need. If a man wants sneakers and can afford them, then by all means, let him rock."

Like my man D says, "It's only an addiction if you can't afford it" so if you can afford it..... Yeah.

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned.

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M33KS::4::MVS!C said...

Title definitely caught my eye. Lol I appreciate you writing this and setting me in my place. I have judged those waiting in line for Apple products, sneakers, etc. I've been in line for other things. You're right, we are all materialistic in one way or another.